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Packing Services

Packing Services

KRL have a dedicated case making and packing division with 30 year’s experience in the manufacture of timber and plywood cases. Our service is designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

Some of the most common items we have handled include:


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Packing Services

KRL is an approved and registered participant in the International Wood Packing Material Program within ISPM15, certified by the Forestry Commission (Great Britain). All cases manufactured within our workshop facility or on-site at the customer’s premises conform to the principal of BS1133.

We recommend on-site packing as it gives customers the opportunity to verify the quality of our work first-hand. They can personally supervise and monitor to ensure that the packing meets all manufacturing and dispatch schedules.

Having the work done at our workshop also tends to be more expensive due to the added transportation costs. With our expertise, you do not have to worry about precision when working on-site. We have easy access to the cargo that is to be encased and ensure accurate sizing.

Another upside is that with reduced unsecured movement there is less risk of any of the cargo being damaged. We come prepared with all materials, tools and skills needed to complete the job on-site and immediately dispatch the packed cases for onward freight forwarding.

Whether built in our workshop or at the customer’s premises, our work crews will take photographs of the finished products and upload them to the clients account on the Remote Electronic Data Storage (REDS) web portal. All customers are provided access to their own accounts on this portal for purposes of tracking their consignments. There is also document storage for such materials as the photographs of cargo awaiting shipment and customs clearance paperwork.

Why Wooden Cases

At KRL, our almost three decades of freight forwarding has taught us that wood cases make for the best choice of packing material for several key reasons:


Wood cases can also be customised further to include other materials including carpet, steel, aluminium, and plastic parts. They can be insulated, making them well-suited for temperature-controlled storage. Their base designs mean they can easily be picked up by machinery like forklifts for easy transfers and shelving in warehouses.

Heat treatment done to ISPM 15 standards helps to improve their weather resistance capabilities.

While plastic cases can often be seen in use during shipping, they fall short when it comes to environmental concerns, customisability, and affordability. They also do not do well when exposed to high temperatures and rough handling.

Metal crates are another common alternative with most being made of either steel or aluminium. While quite sturdy and weather-resistant, these cases tend to be much more expensive to make and difficult to customise. They are mostly used for the transport of sensitive materials and animals.

Corrugated cardboard can also be seen in use for cargo that is more lightweight and not travelling far. With some boxes offering as much as 15mm of triple wall protection, this can be good enough to protect shipments at a fraction of the cost of wood and other materials. While probably the cheapest type of packaging material, cardboard boxes offer little in the way of protection when there is an impact and easily disintegrate when exposed to the elements.

As members of the Palletways network, we also provide pallets, but to the specifications set out by the company. Any variation in sizing will require consultation with Palletways before any shipment procedure is initiated. Palletways is an award-winning freight network that facilitates the distribution of cargo to destinations across the UK, Ireland and over 20 other European countries. They are reputed for their unique delivery system that exclusively handles the shipment of cargo secured to wooden pallets. They offer a choice of premium or economy services that guarantee delivery within 24-48 hours.

Container Shipping

Our packing services are quite useful when it comes to shipping cargo in containers. The freight can be first contained in a wooden case and then stacked within a larger metal container that will go on a sea vessel or with road hauliers. This arrangement is particularly helpful in cases of less than container loads (LCL).

LCL containers offer customers the opportunity to ship their smaller consignments in a shared container with others. Each person pays for the fraction of space their cargo takes up within the container. Having each customer’s cargo contained in respective cases reduces the risk of damage and the mixing of cargo. As a part of our packing services, KRL barcodes each case. This makes identification of the owner easier and enhances tracking capability.

The containers themselves are equipped with GPS trackers; whose details are shared with the customers with cargo within. They can access real-time tracking information through the REDS web portal. It will allow them to pinpoint the exact location of their container, wherever in the world it is.

For shipments that are being delivered via road haulage, we will make use of logistical details when loading the container, so the first delivery is the last to be loaded. Following this sequence makes the process of unloading easier and safer for the consignments in transit. Our fleet of trucks and articulated vehicles are also GPS enabled. Customers can similarly track their consignments through the REDS web portal.

The ability of wooden cases to withstand considerable vertical pressure makes them ideal for use where stacking is involved. Most containers will have multiple cases that need to be squeezed into the limited space of a container, optimally.

Pick and Pack Services

The pick and pack service is one that we offer to manufacturers and retailers who need to fulfil small domestic and international orders. With more consumers making the switch to online shopping, many businesses have had to accommodate this demand. Many of the orders are fulfilled internationally and require freight forwarding services to get the cargo to their destination. Because of the magnitude of such orders, businesses have had to find a way of outsourcing this service.

KRL offers the pick and pack solution as not only as a way to fulfil purchase orders, but also provide warehousing for the inventories of many businesses. When businesses keep stocks of finished goods at our warehouses, we can arrange for pick and pack services that facilitate orders to be fulfilled from the warehouses. Using the barcode system, we categorise the goods so that identifying items ordered by online end-customers is made easier.

Once all items on the order are picked out of the inventories, we package them for onward delivery. We also update the REDS system so that the customer is kept abreast of their stock levels. Knowing inventory levels is important in making supply chain decisions. With KRL helping to fulfil end-user orders, we often become part of the tail end of supply chains for many businesses. This has a strong impact on revenues and profitability for businesses.

Individual orders tend to be in small quantities that can be packaged in light materials like envelopes and cartons. If the total number of orders to a particular destination are many, we may end up placing them in a case and eventually a container. This can often happen during peak shopping periods as Black Friday and Christmas. The discounted prices cause spikes in demand.

Some of the most popular goods we handle under our pick and pack service include:

On-site Packing

KRL offers its customers the option of having their cases made on-site at their premises or sourced from our workshop. If there is space to accommodate our work crew, we recommend on-site packing. This offers our clients several benefits:



To further enhance accountability, transparency, and record-keeping, our crews will document the work done through photographs. The photographs will be of the completed cases and the cargo being loaded into them before sealing. These will be uploaded to the client’s REDS account. The REDS account provides a record of all transactions with KRL and extends an easy means of tracking shipments every step of the way. Every case is barcoded to further enhance traceability.



Our warehouses are where you will find the most packing materials. It is from here that we extend our pick and pack services to manufacturers and retailers that fulfil small domestic and international orders, which are placed online. They provide ample storage for standard and special cargo. Their capacity allows us to support the supply chain demands of our customers.

Businesses can make use of our facilities to store everything from raw materials for production to finished goods. They can manage the movement of their shipments in such a way as to minimise costs while ensuring customers’ demands are being adequately met. It can be a delicate balancing act, but KRL offers logistical solutions that help keep these businesses processes flowing smoothly while controlling costs.

Our packing services support these efforts by enabling these businesses to properly package their commodities for onward delivery to retailers. These larger orders often require the use of wooden cases and shipping containers. Our pick and pack services cater to the end-users who can have their orders fulfilled at our warehouses. These small orders are often contained in envelopes and cartons. During peak shopping periods, these orders may be combined for delivery to common destinations. This may require larger capacity shipping such as cases and containers.

Tracking the movement of inventories and establishing their levels at any given time is made possible by the REDS web portal. By getting to grips with the ebb and flow of inventories, businesses can make better informed strategic decisions that include increasing/decreasing their warehousing needs and whether to outsource their pick and pack operations.

Why Choose KRL for Your Packing Services

This is a service that KRL has over 30 years of experience in providing to customers. Our extensive expertise makes us ideally suited to provide the best custom-made wooden cases for shipping purposes. Our quality results are a testament to the skill and talents of the members of our specialist packing division. We offer accurately-sized cases, suited to cargo of all dimensions. Other benefits of our services include:

Our custom packing services provide value addition to our core business of freight forwarding. Our packing standards ensure that wherever in the world a consignment is headed, the cargo will have been well-secured and will be unlikely to suffer any damage in transit. We often deal in multimodal transportations that features switches to different modes of transport including road, air, and sea.

These switches are careful undertaken by our own teams or contracted providers, chosen for their strong commitment to a high standard of service delivery. Our goal is to ensure final delivery is achieved flawlessly, with no reason for recipients to pursue returns or complain.

We partner with vetted transport networks and providers from across the world to make these deliveries possible to over 13,000 locations. No matter the complexity of logistics faced, we are capable of managing these changes in such a manner as to ensure clients enjoy timely delivery at a reasonable cost.

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