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Road Freight

Road Freight

KRL has a large domestic fleet of vehicles from vans to 45ft articulated vehicles serving major ports and airports on a daily basis, from any of our 10 locations. ​All KRL-owned vehicles are fitted with the latest satellite tracking systems keeping you up-to-date with their progress.

The transport department at KRL can handle specialist products such as hazardous, chilled or frozen (temperature controlled) or out of gauge movements. KRL UK is a proud member of the Palletways network and has been awarded a Platinum Service award for outstanding service within this sector.

Palletways provides domestic and international collection and delivery services of pallets through their network of more than 300 members, delivered on a next day or economy service at competitive prices across the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe.

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We provide:

Our Capabilities

We can capably handle containers of all standard sizes and types including pallet wide, high cube, flat rack and open-top units. Whether the cargo comes in by sea, air, or rail, KRL is equipped to provide competitive road haulage services.

Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

FTL shipping requires the exclusive use of one of our haulage vehicles. It could be to transport a full container full of items, time-sensitive consignments, hazardous materials, and more. With this kind of shipment, there are no stops along the way. The consignment is picked up and travels directly to its destination or next stage of transport if multimodal.

This direct shipment makes for the fastest road transport delivery that can often beat out even airfreight and sea cargo shipping options to many European destinations. Even the process of offloading and loading is easier as all the cargo is being picked from one place and delivered to another, unlike with groupage shipments. There are no delays from having to make other stops and greater flexibility in choosing routes.

If there is to be a border crossing, we can assist with customs clearance, allowing for the shipment to seamlessly move on to the next stage of shipment, whether on the roadairsea or rail.


Groupage shipping allows for shipments from multiple customers to be combined into one truckload. This choice of shipping is ideal for smaller consignments that are not urgent. The flexibility of this arrangement allows for more competitive pricing. It allows a smaller business with such meagre consignments to enjoy the same high standard of service, at just a fraction of full truckload prices.

KRL also provides warehousing facilities for any cargo you may desire to have temporarily stored while in transit. Our pick and pack facilities are also helpful in facilitation of small purchase orders from international buyers. Many retailers make use of our services to quickly fulfil orders without the need of much back and forth from their factory floors.

Where the consignments are to be delivered to various destinations, we provide a precise schedule and route that will see your cargo arrive in good time. We also provide packaging services for cargo that requires securing for safe delivery and to meet shipping standards. This service can be provided on-site or at our workshop with the wooden packaging tailored to the particular dimensions of the cargo.

Domestic Shipping

KRL offers a selection of 8 UK and 2 Irish hubs from which our hauliers can transport cargo back and forth. Our team is made up of highly experienced specialists capable of handling the transport of different configurations of cargo including full loads, special cargo, abnormal loads and more. We take great care to ensure your cargo is safely handled and secured before setting off for its destination.

All our vehicles and containers are GPS enabled. This allows our clients to monitor the movement of their shipment and know how far along the route they are. We take great pride in adhering to safety standards and making timely deliveries. Our logistics teams stay in regular touch with hauliers to advise on route changes that can ensure better adherence to the delivery schedule.

This service allows us to offer a door to door delivery service for our clients. Even with imports and exports, we can handle the shipping of cargo to and from ports and process customs clearance. We carry out freight forwarding services that will see your cargo move on to the next stage of transport, be it seaair or rail, from any port around the country.

European Shipping

KRL provides easy access to the wider European market through our partnerships such as Palletways. With over 300 members within this network, Palletways can provide a premium next day delivery service from when the goods arrive at the ports. Alternatively, clients can opt for the economy service that offers more competitive pricing. Palletways services are available to KRL clients both domestically and throughout Europe.

Our wider network of couriers also offers a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable transport service for cargo being collected and delivered to a diverse selection of European destinations. Whether it is hand carry or a full truckload, we are capable of handling shipments of varied sizes and weights. We also handle multimodal transfers that allow for shipments to be collected and delivered to and from all ports and airports around Europe.

Global Shipping

Just as with our European partners, we also work with a wide network of road haulage providers in over 13,000 locations around the world. We operate via all global trade routes on both the high seas and in the air and offer preferential chartered services for shipments that require special consideration. We continually assess these providers to ensure they adhere to the same high standard of customer service that we extend directly tour clients. This leads to the assurance that they will meet client expectations consistently.

Through our Remote Electronic Data Storage (REDS) web portal, clients can keep track of their consignment in real-time. They can reliably determine the location of their consignment at any given time. This system is also utilised to assist with inventory control, purchase order management and document storage.

Every shipment has its own customised logistical plan that schedules every aspect of the transport. From road haulage to customs clearance and loading onto to sea vessels or aircraft, our clients can easily ascertain how far along the transit process their shipment has reached. We have found that this helps to build trust and allows our clients better update their own clients that are awaiting delivery.

Specialist Shipping

Amongst the thousands of shipments we organise throughout the year, many are specialist cargoes that required added accommodation. Temperature-controlled shipments of items that are perishables are very common and as such require conforming facilities. We offer a combination of temperature-controlled containers and warehousing facilities. That means when such cargo is imported or being exported, we can offer the necessary facilities to properly preserve them until they move on to the next stage of transport. Where the next stage involves road haulage, our temperature-controlled containers will keep the cargo under the required chilled or frozen conditions until delivery is made.

Our crews are also able to handle cargo of abnormal gauge. We have service crews that have the expertise and the necessary equipment to ensure safe loading and offloading of such cargo on our vehicles. Even with hazardous and highly valuable cargoes, KRL has an excellent track record and the needed resources to ensure safe transport and delivery. Wherever in the world you need your cargo to be delivered, we work with a trusted global network of providers that will make it happen.

Clients we've worked with


Logistics is one of our primary functions that allows KRL to chart the path that shipments will follow from the time they enter into our custody, until final delivery. Depending on whether the shipment is travelling domestically or requires multimodal services, the complexity of logistics will vary. This is a service we excel at thanks to a wide local and global network of couriers that we worked with to facilitate this process. Domestically we can undertake road haulage and warehousing for cargo. We also have additional partner networks that we work with regionally and internationally.

Monitoring of shipments is made easy thanks to our cloud-based communication system that relays data securely and in real-time. Clients are provided access to our platform where they can customise the range of data they want to access and closely follow the movement of their consignment. We also offer value-added services such as the pick and pack operation. This is a service extended to retail businesses so they can more easily fulfil the many small and international orders for goods such as:

We also offer customs clearance services for shipments that are crossing borders and CFSP and customs bonded facilities for imports.


With the Remote Electronic Data Storage (REDS) system, we have provided our clients with an accessible and reliable online portal with which to monitor and navigate their transactions with us. Through REDS, clients can keep an easy eye on shipments. They can make use of GPS tracking numbers and barcodes to pinpoint the exact location of their consignments. They can also keep a record of documentation such as bills of lading.

Having integrated our services with other reputable providers like Palletways, you can similarly track your shipment via their online tracking portals. These checks and balances help to establish trust with our clients and reassure them that their deliveries are well on their way to their final destinations. At a domestic level, we have equipped our fleet of trucks and articulated vehicles with GPS tracking so you can get precise location details on your shipment while on the road. Remember that with groupage shipments multiple stops may have to be made along the way, while with FTL shipping you are assured of exclusive use of the vehicle for your consignment.


Packing Services

Shipments need to be appropriately packed to ensure safe delivery and facilitate suitable loading and offloading procedures. Where the client may lack the capability, we can fill the gap through our customised packing services. KRL has over 30 years of experience building tailor-made timber and plywood cases. They are made to specific dimensions that properly encase shipments. We have worked with multiple businesses to meet exacting requirements including:

We are fully licensed by the Forestry Commission to work with such materials. We offer our clients the option of having these constructions done at their facility or our workshop. On-site packing is recommended to minimise the risk of damage during transfer to our facility. It is also more cost-effective, as once packed the shipment can move on directly to freight forwarding. Our crews are well-supervised to ensure quality work and will even upload pictures of the finished cases. Each case is barcoded to help with tracking.


At KRL, our warehousing facilities are an ideal solution for resolving budgeting constraints and meet supply chain needs. Imported cargo can be stored at our custom bonded facilities awaiting a time when the importer can meet duties and VAT. Those importing time-sensitive cargo like perishable items can take advantage of the CFSP services to expedite clearance. We offer a flexible service that meets the demands of our clients, no matter the situation.

Our amply sized facilities are ideal for supporting the supply chain demands of multiple organisations. From raw materials need for manufacturing to the finished product that requires delivery to end-user customers, KRL will work with you to ensure optimal decision making. KRL takes the time to understand your business needs and works out a customised plan that will see you able to better control costs and achieve customer expectations.

Our warehouses can become an extension of your own operations, supplying materials delivered from various destinations to your facilities, as and when needed. Our REDS online portal provides high visibility of all your inventories, further enhancing the quality and timeliness of decisions. We have heavily invested in IT to ensure the best service delivery and fastest response to client demands.

Supply Chain Support

For many companies, there is an ebb and flow to the completion of production and delivery of the finished product to end-users. There are multiple moving parts to each stage of processes, and careful management is required so that costs are kept controlled. With our support, many businesses get supply chain support that sees the flow of raw materials and finished products perfectly balanced to ensure production levels match up to ongoing demand. It also supports quality control measures and facilitates distribution.

At KRL we are accustomed to generating this careful calibration that offers our clients the benefit of inventory storage, budgeting, and purchase order fulfilments. Our pick and pack services further complement this effort for businesses that cater to small international orders. Rather than have the order fulfilled from the factory, we make use of inventories at our warehouse to package the items and ship them forward to buyers.

Our multimodal services help facilitate this service by providing an efficient means of conveying consignments anywhere around the world. Our dedicated shipping departments are experienced at making arrangements for varied types of consignments to thousands of locations around the world. Their adaptability to whatever situation makes KRL your ideal partner whether the cargo is time-sensitive or routine.

Why Choose KRL for Your Road Haulage Needs

KRL works with a reliable network of global transport providers. While they vary in terms of location and modes of transport they support, they are selected for their consistency in performance and commitment to customer satisfaction. Choosing to partner with us makes for other great benefits including:

Whether it is delivery of cargo to a destination within the UK, or to multiple international locations, KRL possesses the expertise and resources to ensure your transport needs are met. Our multimodal services include road haulage, sea freight, and air cargo delivery anywhere around the world.

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